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  • Shijiazhuang Huada Auxiliary & Dyeing Factory

    shijiazhuang Huada Auxiliary &Dyeing Chemical Factory established in 1987, was full capacities of product development, manufacturing

    sale and technical support. Annual prodrc-tivity amornts to 3000 tonnes. The company is well fortified with a group of professionals in the areas

    of Textile, Printing and Dyeing, MacromolecularChemistry and Fing chemistry. The company takes full advantage of many professors, engineer

    and technologies to accomplish many products. Depending on research and product in many years, the company's production and technical were increase ing uninterrupted now and future. The product range' refers to textile、 printing and dyeing、 leather、paper, wool, washing etc For the market's equation, the company makes some production in amylase and liquid sulfur dyes. The company is powerful in research and development and is developed rich kinds or auxiliaries, frequent updating products. The com pany's products are well recognized in markets Depending on superior quality, good service and high reputation the company is willing to establish a long-term mutually beneficial business partnership with overseas customers and continue to contribute to the happy life of humans.

    Categories: Dyestuff & Chemical/ Acid Dye/ Cleaning Chemicals/ Disperse Dye/ Fixing Agent/ Leveling Agent/ Scouring Agent/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 13:41:02 pm (2121/11/29)

    Year of Company Establishment: 1987

    Production Capacity Per Month: 250 T

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 10 T

    Delivery Lead Time: 20 Days

    Product Detail:

    High concentration scouring agent HD-88, a highly concentrated scouring agent, is based on the synergistic mechanism of surfactants and the comprehensive properties of various characteristic surfactants. Its properties of high alkali resistance, high permeability and high emulsifying and dispersing power determine that the treated cloth has good capillary effect and whiteness. By comparison, its cost-performance ratio is better than that of similar foreign additives. Each dyeing and printing factory realizes the localization of dyeing and printing auxiliaries, reduces costs and improves the quality of cloth. This product does not contain prohibited substances such as APEO, which is an environmentally friendly pretreatment additive.

    High Concentration Permeant HD is a special anionic/nonionic surfactant. It has special fast penetration, high-temperature resistance and alkali resistance. The penetrant still has excellent penetration and good emulsifying, dispersing and cleaning effect under high temperature and alkalinity. It is especially suitable for pretreatment and short process of pure cotton, polyester cotton and blended fabrics with high concentration and strong alkali. This product does not contain prohibited substances and belongs to environmental friendly pretreatment additives.

    Amino-modified Silicone CGF is a non-ionic surfactant, which is a polymer formed by the reaction of polysiloxane and polyoxyolefin. It is soluble in water and forms stable aqueous solution. The silicone oil is mainly used for the finishing of various fibre fabrics. It can be used alone in the form of water solution. The finished fabrics have soft handle, smooth, antistatic, hydrophilic (hygroscopicity) and other characteristics. This product does not contain prohibited substances and belongs to environmental friendly pretreatment additives.

    Non-formaldehyde Fixing Agent 4010 is a formaldehyde-free reactive and special fixing agent for direct turquoise blue dyes. Its reactive substances can condense with each other and form macromolecule with its own network structure and dyes. It can also form ionic bonds with dyes and Van der Waals force. At the same time, it can also bind with fibers to improve the wet resistance of dyed fabrics. The color fastness and washing fastness do not affect the handle and wettability of dyed fabrics after fixing.

    Resizing Enzyme has strong hydrolysis ability to starch, and can hydrolyze macromolecule starch into soluble dextrin, oligosaccharide, maltose and glucose.

    This product is mainly used in textile desizing green environmental protection process in dyeing and printing mills.

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