What is Go Sourcing 365

GoSourcing365 is an exclusive online B2B Networking platform for connecting with Global Manufacturers of Yarn, Fabric, Apparel, Trims, Accessories, Dyestuff & Chemicals.

The Online marketplace is now playing a dominant role in International sourcing with companies taking to the web to showcase their products and buyers seeking better quality and more competitive deals. Unlike other B2B networking platforms which cater to a wide audience in all sectors, GoSourcing365 is exclusively focused only to the Textile sector.

GoSourcing365 will reach worldwide buyers with its extensive marketing program focused to buyers in highly potential markets in North & East Asia, Austral-Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America.

GoSourcing365 will assist you reach a wider buyer audience in the Textile and Apparel sourcing sector and at the same time, increase your company’s brand and put your products in front of prospective buyers for the whole year. You will be able to update your company information and product profile at any time during any period of the year of your subscription.

  • Presenting `GoSourcing365’-an Online B2B Networking platform, 24x7, 365 days reaching out to buyers worldwide
  • Subscribe now & reach Global buyers
  • Upload your Company Brochures, Videos, presentations so that the buyers know you better & understand your strengths
  • Generate New Sales leads
  • Track who visited your Company page through your own Online Management system & receive detailed visitor summary every month (Gold Subscribers only)
Need For Go Sourcing 365

Buyers around the world now want to search & find products and network with suppliers fast. With a B2B E-Commerce solution like GoSourcing365 focused to the Textile Industry only, buyers are able to see accurate information on products, network with manufacturers and suppliers, compare, interact and finalize from whom they will source next.


  • Extend The Brand Reach

  • Opportunity to reach wider target groups and buyers
  • Attract an international audience of buyers
  • Offer information to those who would be unable to attend an in-person trade show due to time or budget constraints.
  • Lead Generation Tool

  • Get comprehensive contact information for the buyer to your Online Company information who download your brochures, video, etc.
  • Online Marketing Platform

  • Companies can change brochures, videos and presentations as often as required
  • Have access to an online console to keep the company content updated
  • Extend your brand awareness in your country, region and globally
  • Engage with prospective customers & buyers even after your presence in an actual Trade Show
For Seller List Your Company Today & Start Networking with Worldwide Buyers
  • Bronze Tier
  • Bronze
  • Company Contact Details
  • Company Description
  • Product Details
  • Maximum 5 Keywords
  • Add 5 Image Files
  • Add 1 PDF File
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • Silver Tier
  • Silver
  • Company Contact Details
  • Company Description
  • Product Details
  • Maximum 10 Keywords
  • Add 10 Image Files
  • Add 2 PDF Files
  • Add 1 Video File
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • Gold Tier
  • Gold
  • Company Contact Details
  • Company Description
  • Product Details
  • Maximum 20 Keywords
  • Add 20 Image Files
  • Add 10 PDF Files
  • Add 5 Video Files
  • Add Power Point Presentation
  • Receive Monthly Buyer Inquiry List
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Promotional Newsletter Campaign to Member Buyers