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GoSourcing365 goes virtual

Keeping every potential fact in mind, the adaptation of such online marketplaces has become inevitable and a Virtual Sourcing platform like GoSourcing365 is extremely beneficial for the Garment Manufacturers to connect with Verified Global Fabric manufacturers, Yarn Suppliers, Accessory suppliers on a single platform and Source remotely from wherever they are. With Global business travel at a standstill, it is also beneficial for Apparel buyers to Virtually connect with Apparel manufacturers and suppliers

#SourceRemotely - The New Reality

We are pleased to announce on 4th of July 2020, we have gone 'Virtual' making GoSourcing365 the first-ever and only B2B Networking & Sourcing Platform in the world to offer such direct Virtual communication services to its users, focused on the Global Textile & Apparel Sourcing sector.

With this great new feature available to all Manufacturers (Gold Members) who are on GoSourcing365, Buyers will be able to connect with the Manufacturers & Suppliers directly from their Dashboard through Live Chat, Call, or Video Conference, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Meetings can also be scheduled beforehand to make it convenient for both Suppliers and Buyers.

GoSourcing365 and its affiliated websites are owned and operated by GoSourcing LLC, a leader in B2B Networking, Information, Buyer-Seller Platforms and operating across 4 continents. With the COVID-19 pandemic grinding the Global business and the entire Textile & Apparel manufacturing sector to a halt, Apparel manufacturers, Apparel / Textile Buyers are unable to travel for their Textile or Apparel sourcing needs. GoSourcing365 has been seeing a huge influx of Online buyers from Apparel Manufacturers as well as Apparel buyers seeking to source Apparel, Yarn, Fabric, Garment Trims & Accessories from Worldwide verified Textile & Apparel Manufacturers listed on GoSourcing365.

With the Virtual features now available on GoSourcing365 just like a 'Virtual Trade Show', the platform is now clearly the leading and the only Global B2B Apparel & Textile Sourcing Platform exclusively focused on the Textile & Apparel Sourcing sector to offer such convenient Virtual connecting methods to Buyers & Sellers.

With all Sourcing Trade shows canceled for the rest of the year, there is a huge vacuum generated in the Textile & Apparel Sourcing sector, and an Online International B2B Virtual Sourcing platform like GoSourcing365 offering Live Chat, Call, Video Conference services is one of the best options for the Apparel Fabric & Accessories buyers and also for the Apparel buyers to See, Compare, and Connect Virtually with Worldwide Textile or Apparel manufacturers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the steep rise of B2B E-Commerce platforms around the world and how these platforms have emerged over the top in this crisis, gaining confidence from Manufacturers, businesses for day to day business and online sourcing. #Workfromhome is the new norm and a B2B Textile & Apparel Sourcing Platform like GoSourcing365 which now going Virtual, is the Best tool for the Global Textile & Apparel Industry seeking to source Textile, Apparel from worldwide manufacturers and assisting the Textile Sourcing Industry to get back up on its feet.