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GoSourcing365 is an exclusive online B2B Networking platform for connecting with Global Manufacturers of Yarn, Fabric, Apparel, Trims, Accessories, Dyestuff & Chemicals

The Online marketplace is now playing a dominant role in International sourcing with companies taking to the web to showcase their products and buyers seeking better quality and more competitive deals. Unlike other B2B networking platforms which cater to a wide audience in all sectors, GoSourcing365 will be exclusively focused only to the Textile sector.

GoSourcing365 will reach worldwide buyers with its extensive marketing program focused to buyers in highly potential markets in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America.

GoSourcing365 will assist you reach a wider buyer audience in the Textile and Apparel sourcing sector and at the same time, increase your company’s brand and put your products in front of prospective buyers for the whole year.

You will be able to update your company information and product profile at any time during any period of the year of your subscription.