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    Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is located in Yixing, Jiangsu, is a leading producer of textile dyeing auxiliary in China.

    Since its establishment in 1992, the company has been always in keeping up with ever-changing market demands based on its policy for management innovation, technological innovation and product innovation. We always ensure our clients’ benefit with our utmost sincerity, high-quality services including good professional technical support and other services etc.. With the improvement and expansion of our market, we are always working hard for the continuous and simultaneous growth of both economic and social benefits. Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is always dedicated to the commitment for co-improvement of the quality and technology with operation guideline of “Win-win cooperation to bring optimum economic benefit to the clients”. The development of the products is always guided by the concepts of low carbon emission, low energy-consumption, simple process and flow sheet, environmental-protection, easy-to–use, raw material orientated and always at the leading position in the market.

    With the joint efforts of all the employees, the company is now facing new challenges with a whole new outlook! We are always willing to work together with all friends from all worlds based on mutual benefits!



    Categories: Dyestuff & Chemical/ Dyeing Auxiliaries/ Silicone Oil/ Softener Flakes/ Softeners/ Textile Auxiliaries/ Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +8613771333006

    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: 1992

    Production Capacity Per Month: 5000 Tons

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 1 Ton

    Delivery Lead Time: 3-15 days

    Product Detail:

    1          Bleaching scouring agent (Padding/Exhaust dyeing)

    2          Sequestering agent raw material

    3          Peroxide bleaching stabilizer raw material

    4          Scouring penetrating(wetting) agent raw material

    5          De-oil agent raw material

               Dyeing Auxiliaries Raw Material

    6          Non-foaming soaping agent raw material

    7          Anti-back staining agent raw material

    8          Formaldehyde-free fixing agent raw material

    9          Indigo fixing agent raw material

    10        Acidic fixing agent raw material

    11        High temperature leveling agent raw material

    12        Anti-creasing agent

    13        Alternative alkali series (Exhaust dyeing)

               After-treatment softener flake

    14        Almighty softener flake

    15        No- yellowing softener flake

    16        Cationic/Nonionic softener flake

    17        Omnipotent softener

                After-treatment Silicon Oil

    18        High- Conc. hydrophilic silicon oil

    19        High- Conc. fluffy and soft silicon oil

    20        High- Conc. universal silicon oil

    21        High- Conc. smooth silicon oil

    22        High- Conc. ice-feeling silicon oil

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