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    Runhe Materials Headquarters is located in the beautiful and rich coastal city --- Ninghai, Zhejiang. In this wonderful land, with broad development vision, strong technical strength and efficient management, Runhe has developed into a professional high-tech enterprise integrating product research and development, environmental protection production, application development, and import and export sales. Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock abbreviation: Runhe Material, stock code: 300727.

         Runhe Materials is dedicated to the research, development, production and application of textile chemicals and new silicone material series products. The products cover 15 series: block silicone oil, fabric finishing agent, pre-treatment agent, dyeing aid, soft flakes, silicone rubber , silicone resin, silicone surfactant, vinyl silicone oil, alkyl phenyl silicone oil, hydrogen-containing silicone oil, hexamethyldisiloxane, special 107 glue, cosmetic silicone oil, plastic modifier, etc. Now it has become one of the leading domestic R & D and production enterprises in the application field of textile chemicals and new silicone materials.

         Runhe Materials implements the marketing concept of opening up the market with technological innovation, continuously improves its independent innovation capabilities, establishes a 1,700 square meter provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center, and has a complete new product development system; the experimental analysis is equipped with perfect experimental equipment, with Gas chromatograph, high-performance liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, mass spectrometer, infrared spectrometer, GPC, thermal gravimetric instrument TGA, breakdown voltage tester, inclined plate type tracking tester, etc. , Analyze and identify the composition and structure of various chemical materials and new products to provide effective guarantee for the development and innovation of new products. In the production of reactors, rectification towers, boilers, steam, tank area automatic filling and other devices, the advanced DCS remote simulation automatic control system is adopted to realize remote operation control and improve the level of automation control.

         Runhe Materials uses advanced fine chemical technology, nanotechnology, polymer material technology and textile dyeing and finishing technology, is committed to the research and development of new products, provides customers with high value-added performance, innovative technology, excellent quality, professional's service brings new performance experience to customers.

         Runhe products are exported to the United States, South America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Sales networks have been established in Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Guangdong, Fujian and other provinces and cities.

         Runhe takes the premise of "quality first" and conforms to the development trend of "green and environmental protection". It has internally operated ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems for many years, and has passed OHSAS18001 intellectual property system certification; products have passed bluesign, GOTS, OEKO-TEX certification ; Products have passed SGS, ZDHC hazardous substance testing, and have continuously won the honorary titles of high-tech enterprises, provincial research institutes, high-tech enterprise research and development centers, Zhejiang science and technology enterprises, provincial well-known trademarks, China's well-known trademarks, etc. Ten invention patents. With the establishment of post-doctoral workstations and enterprise expert workstations, it is a powerful promoter of the introduction and R & D projects of Runhe material talents.

         Strength comes from strong technical support. The company always pays attention to the introduction and training of professional and technical personnel; pays attention to technological innovation and increases investment in research and development costs; pays attention to the combination of research and development, production and sales, and strengthens domestic and foreign technical exchanges and cooperation Runhe Scholarship established school-enterprise cooperation with Shandong University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, National Normal Silicone Laboratory of Hangzhou Normal University. Pay attention to the stability of product quality and excellent efficacy, and at the same time establish business cooperation relations with many well-known large chemical companies at home and abroad.

         The pursuit of endlessness and continuous development is the spirit of "Runhe" people constantly striving for progress, always adhering to the innovation of the times and seeking development, full service, creating a win-win business philosophy, serving enterprises, and giving feedback to the society; going forward and pioneering. Runhe Material will create a new global chemical brand legend with high-quality technology and services!

    Categories: Finishing Chemicals/ Finishing Auxiliary/ Dyeing Auxiliaries/ Dyestuff & Chemical/ Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries/ Silicone Oil/ Softener Flakes/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 03:13:19 am (2424/03/03)

    Year of Company Establishment: 2001

    Production Capacity Per Month: 100 Thousand Tons

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 1 Container

    Delivery Lead Time: 3 Days

    Product Detail:

    1. Block silicone oil

    2. Fabric finishing agent

    3. Pre-treatment agent

    4. Dyeing aid

    5. Soft flakes

    6. Silicone rubber

    7. Silicone resin

    8. Silicone surfactant

    9. Vinyl silicone oil

    10. Alkyl phenyl silicone oil

    11. Hydrogen-containing silicone oil

    12. Hexamethyldisiloxane

    13. Special 107 glue

    14. Cosmetic silicone oil &

    15. Plastic modifier.

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