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  • Calica Exports

    It gives us immense pleasure to dialogue with the people in the trade of textile printing thickener a specialty chemical, in which we, CALICA EXPORTS, are for over five decades in India. Calica's core competency is in Carboxyl methyl tamarind, Guar and Starch based thickeners with its commitments to quality-performance, competitiveness, and credibility. Calica has tailored many alternative products and solutions to specific viscosity needs of the industry and standardized them to meet the widely varied needs of the textile industry, of the stand.

    Our team of professionals' promptness to address the diverse issues of our customers in printing has won us the many loyal and satisfied customers who have a global presence such as Lamberti and CHT.

    Categories: Dyestuff & Chemical/ Dyeing Auxiliaries/ Printing Auxiliary/ Printing Thickener/ Printing Treatment/ Sodium Sulphate/ Textile Dyeing/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +919825040486

    Country: India

    Year of Company Establishment: 2007

    Production Capacity Per Month: 1200 Tons

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 1x20ft Container

    Delivery Lead Time: 20 Days

    Product Detail:

    Calica's discovery-led R&D focuses on the entire thickener development pathway - from process development to lab research. This depth and breadth on our technological and expertise enable us to develop new thickeners for world's stringent demands.

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