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  • CHTC Dayao Textile Co., Ltd.

    CHTC Dayao Textile is a trading & supply chain management division under CHTC Group who is one of the biggest State-Owned enterprises in China. CHTC Group is holding many manufactories include Cotton Ginning, Yarn Spinning, Greige Weaving, Dyeing, and Finishing etc... 

    So, our major business has been covered the full supply chain in textile, from Raw Cotton to Fabrics, but without a garment so far. We purchase the raw cotton, cotton fiber, yarn, greige and fabrics from factories who are under CHTC Group as well as other factories from our open sources, it depends on different qualities and prices.

    CHTC Dayao Headquarter is located at Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, and we have 20 liaison offices in China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia & Vietnam.

    Categories: Yarn & Fabric/ Canvas/ Denim/ Dobby/ Dyed/ Dyed Fabric/ Poplin/ Printed Fabric/ Satin/ Twill/ Woven/ Yarn Dyed Fabric/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +8613906176852

    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: 2003

    Production Capacity Per Month: 1 million meters

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 10000 meters

    Delivery Lead Time: Around 35-40 days

    Product Detail:

    Our product includes below: Solid Dyed, Yarn Dyed, and Printed Woven fabrics both Denim and Non-Denim, Twill, Canvas, Poplin, Broken Twill, Satin, Bedford Cord, Herringbone, Slub, Dobby. etc

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