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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 19:02:00 pm (2424/02/26)

    Year of Company Establishment: 2008

    Production Capacity Per Month: 500 Ton

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 1 Ton

    Delivery Lead Time: 3-5 Working day

    Product Detail:

    -Pretreatment auxiliary:

    1. Scouring agents 2. Degreasing agents 3.Penetrating agents 4. Chelating agents 5. Dispersing agents 6.Peroxide stabilizers 7.All-in-one 8.Defoaming agents 9.Anti-creasing agents 10.Other agents      

    -Dyeing auxiliary:  

    1.Cellulose/cotton auxiliaries 2.Polyester auxiliaries 3.Nylon auxiliaries 4.Wool auxiliaries 5.Acrylic auxiliaries

    -Printing auxiliary:

    1.Cotton/reactive dyes auxiliaries 2.Nylon/acid dyes auxiliaries 3.Polyester/disperse dyes auxiliaries 4.Acrylic/cationic  5.Dyes auxiliaries 6. Pigment printing auxiliaries

    -Washing auxiliary:

    1.Anti-Stain Agent 2. Cationic Modified Agent 3. Jeans Fixing Agent 4. Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver 5. High Concentration Softener 6. Super Softener 7. Softener 8. Super Fluffy Softener 9. Fluffy Softener 10. Fluffy Silicone 11. Brightening Agent 12. Smoothing Agent 13. Potassium Permanganate remover 14. Wrinkle-free Resin 15Metal Rust Inhibitor 16Spandex Protectant

    -Finishing auxiliary:

    1.Silicon Softener Emulsions 2. Hydrophilic Silicone Softeners 3.Dye-Bath Silicones and Softeners 4.Lubricants 5.Softeners 6.Special Function Silicones and Softeners

    -Function finishing auxiliary:

    1. Antistatic Agent 2. Flame Retardant 3. Anti-Pilling Agent 4. Weighting Agent 5. APEO Eliminating Agent 6. Formaldehyde Eliminating Agent 7. Fibre Protective Agent 8. Wool Protective Agent 9. Deepening Agent 11Ultraviolet Absorber 12. Sunlight Fastness Improver 13. Soil Release Finishing Agent 14. Antimicrobial Agent 15. Insect Repellent Agent 16. Stiffening Agent 17Tear Strength Improver 18. Prevent Pinhole Agent 19. Deodorant 20. Cold Finishing Agent 21Fluorescence Eliminating Agent 22. Silicon Spot remover 23. Wash and Wear Finisher 24. Elastic Finishing Agent 25. Water Repellent Agent 26. Water & Oil Repellent Agent 27. Hydrophilic Finishing Agent 28. Super Hydrophilic Fluffy Agent 29. Quick-Drying Finishing Agent 30. Hydrophilic Quick-Drying Finishing Agent 31Perspiration Fastness Improver 32.Polyvinylpyrrolidone 33. Spandex Protectant 34. Cationic Modified Agent 35. Metal Rust Inhibitor 36. Spandex Coloring Agent 37. Stripping Agent 38. Delustering Agent 39. Anti-migration Agent

    -Fluorescent whitening agent:

    1.Cellulose/cotton 2.Polyester 3.Nylon 4.Acrylic 5.Blended fabrics

    -Water treatment auxiliary:

    1. Scale Inhibitor 2. Disincrustant 3. Decolorising Agent 4. High-Efficiency Germicide Agent 5. Bactericidal Algicide Agent 6. Decolorising Flocculant Agent 7. Water Clarifying Agent 8. High Efficiency COD Remover

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