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    Dongguan Zhi Ying Intimate Apparel Co., Ltd. Devoted for the development and production of various types of underwear cotton cusp, bullet head bra cups, bra pad, oil bag/ air bag bra cups, silicone cups, seamless underwear and so on, was covered 8000 square meters, had 70 cotton cup stereotypes setting machines,20 fabric stereotypes of setting machines,20 sewing machines, nearly 800 staff, daily output reached 80,000 pairs.

    Categories: Apparel Trims & Accessory/ Accessories/ Quilts/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: 2006

    Production Capacity Per Month: 1,200,000 pairs

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 3000 pairs

    Delivery Lead Time: 10 days

    Product Detail:

    Various types of underwear cotton cups, Bullet head bra cups, Bra pads, Oil bag/air bag bra cups, Silicone cups, Seamless underwear, 3D non-woven cotton mould cup


    3D non-woven cotton mould cup

    • Never turning yellow: include long time washing, unpackaged and normal sun shining.
    • Good ventilation property: a new type of vertical structure, high-density of reticular fiber.
    • Nonpoisonous: 100% polyester fiber.

    Environmental protection

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