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    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: 2006

    Production Capacity Per Month: 50 tons of yarn; 50 sets of machines

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 100 Kgs each color or 1 Set of Machine

    Delivery Lead Time: Around 20~25 days

    Product Detail:


    For Textile of Yarn:

    Dyed, Top Dyed high quality face yarn : Organic Cotton , Combed Cotton , Semi-Combed Cotton , Card Cotton , CVC, TC

    Spandex Yarn :20/30/40D with covered Polyester Yarn (75/150D)

    Rubber :90/75/75,100/75/75,110/75/75,90/70/70,100/70/70,110/70/70

    Double Cover Yarn : DCY 140/70/70,140/75/75,180/70/70,180/75/75

    Nylon Fiber :Nylon 75D,150D

    Polyester Fiber: Polyester 75D,150D

     For Socks Knitting Machine and Related Equipment:

    1)     Full computerized 8F Single Cylinder Socks Knitting Machine;

    2)     Automatic Steam Socks Setting Machine;

    3)     Rosso Linking Machine;

    4)     Auto Label Packing Machine for Socks.



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