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  • Greenair Trading (Xiamen) Co., Ltd

    Greenair Trading (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful coastal city, Xiamen, China. Greenair is an export-oriented enterprise which has been devoted to the all-round service covering design, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and technological project of air compressor system and the purifying devices. Our products have been sold all over the world and enjoyed good reputation for its reliable and stable working system, excellent quality and competitive price.

    Greenair has gained great achievements and rapidly developed into a larger and stronger integrated enterprise in the field of air compressor owe to the 16-year efforts and hard work of all staffs. We are specialized in GA series oil injected screw air compressor, GAVSD variable speed oil injected screw air compressor, GA+ series two stage rotary screw air compressor, GM series permanent magnet VSD screw air compressor, GM+ series two stage permanent magnet VSD screw air compressor, ZR/ZT series oil free screw air compressor, DM series diesel engine portable screw air compressor, EM series electric mobile screw air compressor, FD series refrigerated air dryer, CD series adsorption air dryer and related spare parts and maintenance materials. We have been authorized with the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification. Our products have been widely used in the industry of machinery, textile, electronics and electric power etc. Greenair has built up its leading position in the area of air compressor, which marks advancing into a new stage.

    Categories: Textile & Apparel Machinery/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 17:12:42 pm (2424/04/19)

    Year of Company Establishment: 2021

    Production Capacity Per Month: 200000 Dollars

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 1 Set

    Delivery Lead Time: 5-25 Working Days

    Product Detail:

    GA Series:

    Highly efficient cooling system
    Greenair's GA series air compressor is designed with an operating temperature of 55℃, similar to a tropical desert environment. This series features an improved cooling system for controlling the operating temperature of the unit cooler, thus ensuring the air compressor will not fail during high temperature operations.

    Three stage oil-gas separator
    This three stage oil-gas separator is made independently by Greenair and has won a national patent. It includes three stages: centrifugation, sediment and filtration. It can provide high quality compressed air with an oil content less than 2ppm.

    Original air end with large air capacity
    The air compressor is equipped with asymmetric male and female rotors and they have two prominent advantages over the other rotors:

    As the gear tooth profile of the rotor consists of an arc and arc envelope, a "convex-concave" seal is achieved between the rotors, which helps to produce hydrodynamic lubricant film and make the compressor more efficient.

    Speed of this air compressor is 30-50% lower than that of other air compressors, due to the large rotor and bearing. The rotor and bearing also reduce noise, vibration and effects caused by impurities and carbides on the rotor and ensures a longer service life.

    High quality air end bearing
    Greenair GA series compressor uses SKF bearings. It features a stable operation and is applicable to variable working conditions, ensuring the motor a longer service life.

    Highly efficient drive system
    It is an integrated drive system without a gear. Using a 1:1 direct connection drive, there is no production loss, making it an ideal drive system. It combines the motor, coupling box and air end as a whole to ensure compressor efficiency and center alignment of motor and air end when they are installed or during operation.

    Control system
    An intelligent control system means operation does not need to be supervised, and there is automatic power on and off, compressor failure alarm and shutdown and maintenance deadline alarm, making the compressor well-operated.

    Special motor for air compressor
    The highly efficient motor meets IE3 standards with an energy efficiency up to 93%.


    GAVSD Series:

    High efficient variable frequency drive

    At Greenair, a highly efficient PWM variable frequency drive is used according to the EMC standards, reducing harmonic distortion and power loss to the motor.

    Variable-frequency speed control system

    The GAVSD series compressor uses an Atlas Greenair air end with the drive motor speed altered accurately based on compressed air demands. Under these conditions, the optimum energy efficiency and less pressure surges are achieved with the pressure surge ranging within 0.1bar, ensuring a constant voltage output.

    Motor soft starter

    This motor soft starter is able to achieve a variable frequency soft start without the use of a gear box, which produces no peak current when the compressor starts up, reducing mechanical pressure and ensuring a more stable operation and longer lifespan of the air compressor.


    GA+VSD series:

    Two stage compressor air end

    This two stage compressor lowers the compression ratio compared with a single air compressor, reduces air leakage, bearing load and ensures a longer life service and volumetric efficiency of the air end. With our optimization, bearings have a life span of over 150,000 hours, and low noise, low vibration, safe and reliable operation is ensured.

    Four-pole motor

    As the motor speed is relatively low with 1480RPM (50HZ) as compared with that of the two-pole motor, there is air compressor wear and a longer service life.

    Intelligent control system

    Greenair's GA+VSD series intelligent control system is able to conduct remote control through computer interface and achieve simultaneous control for multiple compressors.

    Split type 

    The air end and motor is connected separately, which is easier for installation, dismantlement and maintenance..

    Backward curved centrifugal fan

    An optional backward curved centrifugal fan uses an impeller to increase air flow. In addition, during the operation the centrifugal fan features no friction, low noise, no dust and easy maintenance.

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