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    In the first year of “The latest five-year plan”, Huzhou Narnia Industry Inc., formerly Zhejiang Hengxin Textiles Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. implements the modern technological transformation project, which is from the" end treatment" to “source control ". We are out of all of the existing printing and dyeing equipment, to update for the current first-class international and domestic advanced dyeing and finishing equipment in three years. We have already imported 2 sets of MONGONGS setting machine from Germany, 14 sets of Three-technology UFH dyeing machine, 12 sets of Berson HKM dyeing machine from Germany, and 1 set of COLOR SERVICE Automatic Dyestuff Dosing System from Italy. We are focused on research natural stretch fabric, such as cotton, silk, yarn, and introduce knitting fabric, such as the TR roman fabric, knitting plain weave fabric, develop the circular knitting products, to change the single situation of the local textile products.

    Categories: Textile Printing/ Textile Dyeing/ Printing Auxiliary/ Dyeing Auxiliaries/ Dyestuff & Chemical/

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    Country: China

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    Printing and Dyeing equipment. 

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