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  • Levima(Jiangsu)Technologies Co. ,Ltd.

    Levima(Jiangsu) Technologies Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Levima Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd. specializes in the development, sales and service of EOD surfactants, polyethers, and functional products. Relying on the production base of Levima Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd., which located in Southern Shandong High-tech Chemical Industry Park, Tengzhou, Shandong. With a total investment of 8 billion Yuan, covers a whole construction area of about 1.17 km².

    The group currently owns multiple sets of equipment for DMTO (Methanol to Olefins), EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), PP (Polypropylene), EO (Ethylene Oxide), EOD (Ethylene Oxide Derivatives), etc.

    By adhering to the concept of “production-based, market-oriented and full integration of R&D, manufacturing and sales”, the company has now established an outstanding integrated and innovative R&D platform in terms of high-end materials and specialty chemicals.

    Nonionic surfactant chemicals’ application field mainly focuses on textile auxiliary, home care, and leather, metal processing, farm chemical, and coatings.

    Levima(Jiangsu) Technologies is a leading company in the domestic textile auxiliaries’ raw material industry and is committed to becoming an expert in this industry. It provides green and high-efficiency raw materials for various types of printing and dyeing auxiliaries, covering all aspects such as pretreatment auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, finishing auxiliaries, and printing auxiliaries.

    Categories: Dyestuff & Chemical/ Dyeing Auxiliaries/ Finishing Auxiliary/ Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries/ Printing Auxiliary/ Surface Active Agent/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +8618551389085

    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: 2010

    Production Capacity Per Month: 10000 Metric Ton

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 1 Metric Ton

    Delivery Lead Time: 15 days

    Product Detail:

    1) Pre-treatment: iso-C10 Alcohol Ethoxylates; Modified Alcohol Ethoxylates; iso-C13 Alcohol Ethoxylates; iso-C8 Alcohol Ethoxylates; Multi-functional Surfactants; Low foaming Surfactant; Bio-Surfactant.

    2) Dying: Oil Ethoxylates; Castor Oil Ethoxylates; Fatty Amine Ethoxylates; Anionic-nonionic Dispersant.

    3) Finishing: iso-C13 Alcohol Ethoxylates; Modified Alcohol Ethoxylates; Bio-Surfactant.

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