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  • POLYTEC (Yangzhou) Rubber S&T Co., Ltd.

    POLYTEC is a leading roller & covering supplier, who stars its successful story in China and establishes partnership worldwide.  It brings innovations and essential the running parts to textile industry with its unique technologies across elastomer material, covering techniques and textile engineering. That is the reason why POLYTEC always the option priority for a big list of OEM on roller supply and as partner proposing technology service.

    Categories: Yarn & Fabric/ Apparel Trims & Accessory/ Rope Dyeing Roller/ Roller/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +8618605141177

    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: 2014

    Production Capacity Per Month: 900 Pcs

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: Un-defined

    Delivery Lead Time: 1 month

    Product Detail:

         1. Sitec: rollers for sizing;

    1. Rolmax: rollers for rope dyeing and slasher;
    2. Al-flex: rollers for aggressive chemical process;
    3. Polymax: rollers for stenter padder;
    4. Hercules: rollers for high squeezing;
    5. Sandwich: rollers for high squeezing;
    6. B-tube: mercerizing tube (roller);
    7. Texgraf: covering for swimming roller;

        9. Airing: bow roller for aggressive chemical process

    A big list of high-quality rubber rollers for the textile industry. For example: for sizing, denim dyeing (rope and slasher), pretreatment (de-sizing, bleaching, mercerizing), squeezing padders, for swimming roller


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