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  • Shaoxing Global Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1980, Global Fiber is a leading chemical fiber manufacturer with 35 years of experience. Driven by “Creation, Innovation, and Technology”, we are devoted to the development and manufacture of special & functional fiber.


    For the purpose of “cherishing earth, protecting our planet”, we focus on manufacturing low-carbon and eco-friendly products with top quality and high performance.

    Categories: Yarn & Fabric/ Nylon Yarn/ Polyester Yarn/ Polypropylene Yarn/ Yarn/ Knit/ Knit Yarn/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +8615958516820

    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: 1980

    Production Capacity Per Month: 1600 ton per month

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: Based on product

    Delivery Lead Time: 25 days after we receive your deposit

    Product Detail:

    Easy dyeing cationic polyester yarn is a modified cationic dyeable polyester yarn that can be dyed at 90℃ for all colors with good color fastness.

    Product Characteristics:

    1.Deep dyeing at 90 °C, colorfastness can be grade 4.5

    2.Dye-uptake can be 98%, bright color, good deep dyeing

    3.It has the advantages of normal polyester, such as quick drying washable and stiff, but also overcomes the shortcomings of normal polyester that is not good at pilling, hygroscopicity and antistatic property. The softness is superior. 

    4.DTY feels bulky, FDY feels silky. The fabric has good air permeability.

    5.Blending with various natural and chemical fibers can realize multi-color effect.

    6.Energy saving and eco-friendly, various energy sources can be saved, such as water, dye and electricity etc during dying and after-finishing process.

    7.Certified by OEKO.


    Low melting yarn can replace chemical binder, acting as physical bonding in textile. Thus, volatile and pollution can be avoided. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Meanwhile, it can reduce the production process and cost, and improve production efficiency. Low melting yarn is one of the best functional fiber for thermal melting and bonding.


    Fully Biodegradable fiber is a brand new fully biodegradable fiber that boasts the advantage of natural and chemical fibers. It can be totally degraded into H2O and CO2 by bacteria or enzyme without causing ecological environment “Plastic Pollution”.

    Vigorously developing it and related industries can reduce the environmental pollution caused by traditional artificial chemical fiber.

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