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  • Shaoxing Huacai Printing Material Co.,Ltd

    Huacai Printing Material is a company with over two decades of experience in heat transfer printing industrial. We begin with manufacturing flock paper then gradually expanding our business in making washing marks, screen printings, heat sublimation printing, cutting films and printable cutting films.

    We buy machines and raw material from Japan, France, Italy and so on to provide high quality products, meanwhile establishing business relationships with different companies in China so that we can also offer good products with reasonable price for our customers. We have exported our products to south-east Asia, south Asia and north Africa for more than 4 years.

    There are lots of flexibility in our way of doing business--we can provide raw material such as flock dust, unprinted flock papers and uncut cutting films or finished products, for example washing marks which all have been laser cut and put in plastic bag, then all you need to do is heat press them on the fibre with heat press. We also provide customized service of flock dust and flock paper in color, size thickness.

    Now our company has officially planned to establish our first oversea brunch in Bangladesh because of the huge demanding and immense potential of garment. After establish business in Bangladesh, our next step will be moving the production department to Dhaka.

    We will provide a 7-days a week sales service for inquiry, quotation and after-sale. We are looking forward to having business with you.

    Categories: Dyestuff & Chemical/ Flocking Paper/ Yarn & Fabric/ Apparel Trims & Accessory/ Flock/ Transfer Press/ Transfer/ Cutting Film/ Printable/ Film/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 02:43:23 am (2424/05/21)

    Year of Company Establishment: 1996

    Production Capacity Per Month: 700,000 pcs of flock paper

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 100 pcs

    Delivery Lead Time: Regular stocks allow immediate dispatch

    Product Detail:


    1.   0.7mm long viscose flock dust and 0.8mm long nylon flock dust, the color and the size can be customized.

    2.   Single color flock paper and multi-color flock paper. Regular stocks in 0.7mm viscose and 0.8mm nylon flock paper for immediate dispatch.

    3.   Flock paper with your own design and glue on the back

    4.   High quality washing marks

    5.   High quality screen printing

    6.   Raw material for heat transfer printing such as glue, ink, plastic films.

    7.   Manual heat press and air-pump heat press.

    8.   Digital heat sublimation. We are 30 minutes drive from the biggest fibre market in Asia, Keqiao.

    9.   Cutting film in single color, reflective, metallic, glitter, light-night and so on.

    Printable cutting films which high density, super soft and thin, light night and so on.


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