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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 04:47:11 am (2424/03/03)

    Year of Company Establishment: 1997

    Production Capacity Per Month: 2000mt

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 100kg

    Delivery Lead Time: Within 15-20 days

    Product Detail:




    Acid Light Yellow G

    Acid Yellow 11

    Acid Yellow 2G

    Acid Yellow 17

    Metanil Yellow 

    Acid Yellow 36

    Acid Orange II

    Acid Orange 7


    Acid Red 14

    Acid Brilliant Scarlet 3R

    Acid Red 18

    Acid Rhodamine B Extra 

    Acid Red 52

    Acid Brilliant Red MOO

    Acid Red 73

    Tracid Violet 10B

    Acid Violet 54

    Acid Sky Blue A

    Acid Blue 1

    Acid Blue EA

    Acid Blue 9

    Acid Blue AS

    Acid Blue 25

    Acid Ink Blue G

    Acid Blue 93

    Tracid Green BG

    Acid Green 27

    Tracid Nylon Brown BR

    Acid Brown 2

    Acid Mordant Brown RH 

    Acid Brown 33

    Acid Leather Brown B

    Acid Brown 75

    Acid Black 10B

    Acid Black 1

    Acid Black ATT


    Nigrosine Black Granular 

    Acid Black 2

    Acid Chrome Black T

    Acid Black 11

    Neuter Black S-RL

    Acid Black 172

    Neuter Black M- RL

    Acid Black 194

    Acid Leather Black BNG

    Acid Black 210

    Acid Leather Black 2BNG

    Acid Black 234


    Product Name

    C. I. NO.

    Auramine O Conc

    Basic Yellow 2

    Chrysoidine Crystal

    Basic Orange 2

    Rhodamine 6 GDN

    Basic Red 1

    Methyl Violet 2B Crystal

    Basic Violet 1

    Rhodamine B Extra

    Basic Violet 10

    Victoria Pure Blue BO

    Basic Blue 7

    Methylene Blue BB

    Basic Blue 9

    Malachite Green Crystal

    Basic Green 4

    Bismark Brown G

    Basic Brown 1

    Cationic Yellow X-8GL

    Basic Yellow 13

    Cationic Golden Yellow X-GL

    Basic Yellow 28

    Cationic Ationic Brill.. Flavine X-10GFF

    Basic Yellow 40

    Cationic Pink X-FG

    Basic Red 13

    Cationic Brill. Red X-5GN

    Basic Red 14

    Cationic Red 3R

    Basic Red 16


    Product Name


    Direct Yellow R

    Direct Yellow 11

    Chrysophenine GX

    Direct Yellow 12

    Direct Fast Light Yellow 5G

    Direct Yellow 27

    Direct Fast Yellow D-RL

    Direct Yellow 86

    Direct Orange S

    Direct Orange 26

    Direct Fast Orange D-GGL

    Direct Orange 39

    Direct Scarlet 4BS

    Direct Red 23

    Congo Red

    Direct Red 28

    Direct Pink 12B

    Direct Red 31

    Direct Ruby D-BLL

    Direct Red 83:1

    Direct Red FGG

    Direct Red 224

    Direct Rose D-FR

    Direct Red 227

    Direct Fast Red BWS

    Direct Red 243

    Direct Bordeaux FBA

    - -

    Direct Sky Blue 5B

    Direct Blue 15

    Direct Fast Blue B2R

    Direct Blue 71

    Direct Fast Turq. Blue GL

    Direct Blue 86

    Direct Fast Blue FFRL

    Direct Blue 108

    Direct Copper Blue 2B

    Direct Blue 151

    Direct Fast Turq. Blue FBL

    Direct Blue 199

    Direct Fast Brill Blue GL

    Direct Blue 293

    Direct Dark Green BE

    Direct Green 1

    Direct Dark Green BN

    Direct Green 6

    Direct Deep Brown MN

    Direct Brown 2

    Direct Fast Brown GTL

    Direct Brown 210

    Direct Brown RN

    - -

    Direct Fast Black G

    Direct Black 19

    Direct Fast Black VSF

    Direct Black 22

    Direct Black EX

    Direct Black 38


    Product Name

    C. I. No.

    Naphthol AS

    Azoic Coupling Component 2

    Naphthol AS – BS

    Azoic Coupling Component 17

    Naphthol AS – BO

    Azoic Coupling Component 4

    Naphthol AS – G

    Azoic Coupling Component 5

    Naphthol AS-OL

    Azoic Coupling Component 20

    Naphthol AS-D

    Azoic Coupling Component 18

    Naphthol AS-PH

    Azoic Coupling Component 14

    Fast Scarlet G Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 12

    Fast Scarlet RC Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 13

    Fast Scarlet R Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 13:1

    Fast Bordeaux GP Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 1

    Fast Red B Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 5

    Fast Red RC Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 10

    Fast Garnet GBC Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 4

    Fast Yellow GC Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 44

    Fast Orange GC Base

    Azoic Diazo Component 2


    Product Name


    Sulphur Light Yellow GC 250%

    Sulphur Yellow 2

    Sulphur Yellow Brown GDR 100%

    Sulphur Orange 1

    Sulphur Bordeaux 3B 100%

    Sulphur Red 6

    Sulphur Red GGF 100%

    Sulphur Red 14

    Sulphur Fast Blue 3R 100%

    Sulphur Blue 5

    Sulphur Blue BRN 150%

    Sulphur Blue 7

    Sulphur Green Blue CV 120%

    Sulphur Blue 15

    Sulphur Bril. Green GB 100%

    Sulphur Green 3

    Sulphur Light Green 7713 300%

    Sulphur Green 14

    Sulphur Olive Green 200%


    Sulphur Green 511 300%


    Sulphur Green 611 300%


    Sulphur Dark Brown GD 150%

    Sulphur Brown 4

    Sulphur Yellow Brown 5G 150%

    Sulphur Brown 10

    Sulphur Black BR 200%

    Sulphur Black 1

    Solubilized Sulphur Black BR

    Sulphur Black 1

    Liquid Sulphur Black BR

    Sulphur Black 1


    Product Name

     C.I. No.

    Vat Yellow G

    Vat Yellow 1

    Vat Yellow GCN

    Vat Yellow 2

    Vat Brill. Orange GR

    Vat Orange 7

    Vat Golden Orange G

    Vat Orange 9

    Vat Pink R

    Vat Red 1

    Vat Bordeaux 2R

    Vat Red 15

    Vat Violet 2R

    Vat Violet 1

    Vat Violet 3B

    Vat Violet 9

    Vat Blue RSN

    Vat Blue 4

    Vat Pure Blue BC

    Vat Blue 6

    Vat Deep Blue BO

    Vat Blue 20

    Vat Dark Blue VB


    Var Green FFB

    Vat Green 1

    Vat Olive Green B

    Vat Green 3

    Vat Grass Green


    Vat Brown R

    Vat Brown 3

    Vat Brown G

    Vat Brown 68

    Vat Brown GS


    Vat Grey 3B

    Vat Black 16

    Vat Olive T

    Vat Black 25

    Solvent Dyes



    Oil Orange G

    Solvent Yellow  14

    Oil Red BR

    Solvent Red  24

    Solvent Red BR

    Solvent Red  49

    Solvent Blue 2N

    Solvent Blue  35

    Transparent Yellow GK

    Solvent Yellow  56

    Transparent Yellow 3G

    Solvent Yellow  93

    Transparent Yellow 5R

    Solvent Yellow  163

    Transparent Orange 3G

    Solvent Orange  60

    Transparent Rose 5B

    Solvent Red  52

    Transparent Red TB

    Solvent Red  146

    Transparent Violet B

    Solvent Violet  13

    Transparent Blue MIP

    Solvent Blue  36

    Transparent Blue R

    Solvent Blue  122

    Transparent Green 5B

    Solvent Green  3

    Transparent Green G

    Solvent Green  28

    Transparent Black BN

    Solvent Black  3

    Fluorescent Yellow 10GFL

    Solvent Yellow  160:1

    Fluorescent Yellow 8GFL

    Solvent Green  5




    Solvent Yellow D803

    Solvent Yellow  19

    Solvent Yellow D801

    Solvent Yellow  21

    Solvent Yellow D802

    Solvent Yellow  82

    Solvent Orange D815

    Solvent Orange  54

    Solvent Red D805

    Solvent Red  8

    Solvent Red D807

    Solvent Red  119

    Solvent Red D806

    Solvent Red  122

    Solvent Blue D820

    Solvent Blue  70

    Solvent Green D852


    Solvent Brown D830

    Solvent Brown  43

    Solvent Black D810

    Solvent Black  27

    Solvent Black D811

    Solvent Black  34




    Benzidine Yellow G

    Pigment Yellow 12

    Permanent Yellow G

    Pigment Yellow 14

    Permanent Yellow5GX

    Pigment Yellow 74

    Permanent Yellow HR

    Pigment Yellow 83

    Fast Yellow 4G

    Pigment Yellow 150

    Benzidine Yellow LB

    Pigment Yellow 174

    Permanent Orange G

    Pigment Orange 13

    Toluidine Red RN

    Pigment Red 3

    Fast Scarlet 2R

    Pigment Red 8

    Fast Red 2R

    Pigment Red 21

    Fast Red BBN

    Pigment Red 48:1

    Fast Red BBC

    Pigment Red 48:2

    Fast Red BBS

    Pigment Red 48:3

    Fast Red BBM

    Pigment Red 48:4

    Fast Lithol Red R

    Pigment Red 49:1

    Lake Red C

    Pigment Red 53:1

    Lithol Rubine 4BN

    Pigment Red 57:1

    Fast Pink Toner

    Pigment Red 81

    Fast Red FGR

    Pigment Red 112

    Fast Pink E

    Pigment Red 122

    Fast Red FBB

    Pigment Red 146

    Fast Red W

    Pigment Red 169

    Fast Red F2RK

    Pigment Red 170

    DPP Red 254

    Pigment Red 254

    Phthalo Blue BS

    Pigment Blue 15:1

    Phthalo Blue BGS

    Pigment Blue 15:3

    Pigment Green G

    Pigment Green 7

    Fast Violet Toner R

    Pigment Violet 3

    Quinacridone Violet

    Pigment Violet 19

    Permanent Violet BL

    Pigment Violet 23

    Pearl Pigment

    Fluorescent Pigment

    Optical Brightener


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