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  • Tianjin Xiangrui Dyestuff Co.,Ltd

    Tianjin XiangRui Dyestuff Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998, specialize in producing and manufacturing direct dyes, acid dyes and basic dyes for different applications such as textile, leather, wood, paper, fertilizer, seeds and so on.

    Twenty years’ focus on dyes production and research, Tianjin Xiangrui has become one of the largest dyes manufacturer and famous supplier, especially a most important exporter in North China, by providing products with superior quality, good service and competitive price.

    Categories: Direct Dye/ Basic Dye/ Acid Dye/ Dyestuff & Chemical/ Dyeing Auxiliaries/ Textile Auxiliaries/ Textile Chemicals/ Textile Dyeing/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 04:15:40 am (2424/06/23)

    Year of Company Establishment: 1998

    Production Capacity Per Month: 500 Tons

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 0.5 Tons

    Delivery Lead Time: 15-20 Days

    Product Detail:

    1) Direct dyes:

    • Paper and textile
    • Detergent coloring:acid blue、Direct Scarlet 4BS ( Direct Red 23)、Direct Orange 2GL(Direct Orange-39)、Direct blue GL (Direct blue 86);
    • Leather coloring:Direct Brown 2M(Direct Brown 2);
    • Fertilizer coloring:Direct blue GL(Direct blue 86);
    • Cardboard coloring:Direct yellow G(Direct yellow 12)、Direct Brown 2M(Direct Brown 2);

    2) Acid Dyes

    • Wool & silk:Basically strong acid and weak acid can both be used, weak acid color will make it good when touching. (The reason as above)

    3) nylon:Basically strong acid and weak acid can both be used

    4) Leather:Nigrosine Black (Acid black 2)、Metanil Yellow(Acid  Yellow 36)、Acid Orange II(Acid Orange 7)、Acid Red 3R( Acid Red 18)、Acid Rubine 6B(Acid Violet 7)、Acid Blue A.B.7、Acid Black 10B(Acid Black 1)、Acid Black ATT(dip dyeing)、tracid dark blue 5R(Acid Blue 113)、Acid Violet 4BNS(Acid Violet 17)、tracid blue 6B(Acid Blue 83) 、tracid dark210&tracid dark

    5) Ink:Generally used for blue ink & red ink.  blue ink: Acid Blue 93, Acid Blue A.B.7; red ink: Acid Red G(Acid Red 1)

    6) Soap: Metanil Yellow( Acid  Yellow 36); Acid  Yellow 17; Acid Bright Yellow G; Acid Blue A.B.7; Acid Red G(Acid Red 1); Acid Rubine 6B(Acid Violet 7)

    7) Detergent: Acid Blue 9; Acid Blue A.B.7

    8) Aluminum products: Metanil Yellow(Acid  Yellow 36) and other acid dyes or medium dyes. The main principle is:An aluminum material anodized by sulfuric acid can form an aluminum oxide film layer with tiny pores, which can be dyed with a desired color.

    9) Brush paper: Acid Light Green and other acid dyes. (It depends on what color you need)

    10) Mosquito coil: Nigrosine Black (Acid black 2); Acid Black 10B(Acid Black 1); Acid Black ATT

    11) Wood: Acid Red GR(Acid Red 73)(Translucent the wood inside and outside into red under pressure)

    12) Basic dyes:

    • Paper coloring: One of the most important uses of basic dyes is dyeing paper, which is used in all colors. Among them, the basic dye for dyeing ritual paper is widely used in Southeast Asia, like Basic Auramine O (Basic Yellow 2)and Rhodamine B(Basic Violet 10).
    • Incense coloring: Basic Auramine O(Basic Yellow 2)、Basic Malachite(Basic Green 4) and Rhodamine B (Basic Violet 10)can generally be used. In addition, Basic Auramine O(Basic Yellow 2)、Basic Violet、Malachite(Basic Green 4)、Basic Black、and Rhodamine B(Basic Violet 10). will be used when dyeing the mosquito coils.

    13) Be used in making printing inks, as well as in manufacturing color lake for pigment production.

    • Dyeing fertilizer: Basic Auramine O(Basic Yellow 2) and Basic Malachite(Basic Green 4).

    14) Some refined basic dyes will be used in pharmacy: Basic Violet(Basic Violet 3) for gentian violet, Basic Methylene Blue BB (Basic blue 9)for Meilan injection.

    15) Used in biological tests:Basic Methyl Violet、Basic Rubine(Basic Violet 14)、Basic Methylene Blue BB(Basic blue 9)

    • Dyeing products with lignine (Bamboo, straw hat, straw, hemp)

    16)Dyeing hand washes.

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