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  • Wuhan Rui Sunny Chemical Co., Ltd

    Wuhan Rui Sunny Chemical Co., Ltd was established in 2010 at Wuhan optical valley, the capital city of Hubei Province, with registered capital of CNY20 million.

    We focus on exporting and importing business worldwide and specialize in  TANNERY CHEMICALS, WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS, FOOD ADDITIVES, INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS, AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS, etc.

    Holding the principle of Win-win cooperation, our sales network has extended to more than 50 countries and regions. Meanwhile, we hope to find reliable partners or distributors in your local market for long-term cooperation.

    Categories: Dyestuff & Chemical/ Chemical Intermediates/ Sodium Sulphate/ Sulfureted Black/ Water Treatment/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +8613437187632

    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: 2009

    Production Capacity Per Month: 40000 tons

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 20 tons

    Delivery Lead Time: 20 days

    Product Detail:

    Caustic soda, Calcium hypochlorite, Ammonium bicarbonate, TCCA, Sodium formate, Formic acid, Sodium Sulfide, Sodium hydrosulfide, Sodium Sulfate anhydrous, Sodium hydrosulfite, Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate, Sodium sulfite, sodium metabisulfite, Sodium thiosulfate, SLS, SLES, Sulfuric acid, Sulphur black, Copper sulfate, Paraffin wax, Barium sulphate,  water-treatment chemicals.

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