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  • Xiamen Dabon Reta Print & Dyeing Material Co.,LTD

    Xiamen Dabon Reta Printing & Dyeing Materials Co.,Ltd is located in the scenic coastal city-Xiamen Fujian. It is a National High-Tech Enterprise of professional production and sales of textile auxiliaries. The company was founded in 2005. After 14 years of development, the company has established a high-level R&D and service team.

    “Quality, Profession, Honesty” are the tenets in the company. Depending on good quality, professional service and honest operation, we are winning trust from various customers and building up good cooperative relations with more customers. The company and several famous domestic universities have established technical cooperation of university-enterprises to improve R&D and product technology. The company has a number of products obtained from National Invention. These products have strong market competitiveness.

    The rapid development of the textile industry, greatly improves the requirements of printing and dyeing auxiliaries, in the face of market challenges and opportunities, the company will continue to improve its technical level, and strive to provide customers with better quality products and more professional services. Looking forward to developing together with our customers and creating a better future!

    Categories: Dyestuff & Chemical/ Disperse Dye/ Dyeing Auxiliaries/ Fixing Agent/ Leveling Agent/ Process Auxiliaries/ Silicone Oil/ Soaping Agent/ Textile Auxiliaries/ Functional Chemicals/ Intermediates/ Textile Chemicals/ Textile Dyeing/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 15:51:20 pm (2323/02/01)

    Year of Company Establishment: 2005

    Production Capacity Per Month: 3000T

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 1T

    Delivery Lead Time: 30 Days

    Product Detail:

    Aldehyde-free fixing agent DABONFIX PS-250: color fixing agent.Especially suitable for reactive and direct dye. Significantly improve the washing and rubbing fastness.

    Dispersant DBGER NS: Can effectively prevent dye condensation. It can be used together with leveler to effectively prevent the appearance of color flowers and spots. Can improve the washing fastness.

    Microfiber equalizer Level RD – 1000: low foaming microfiber dyeing agent, has the advantages of super slow dyeing, transferring dyeing and dispersing dyeing, etc.

    Versatile bleach DABONDEX CS: Excellent permeability, emulsification, decontamination and chelating and bleaching effect and so on, instead of traditional oxygen bleaching process of penetrating agent, scouring agent, caustic soda, CT powder and hydrogen peroxide and other additives.

     Osmotic dispersant DABONDEX CL–355: Has emulsification, permeability, degreasing ability and low foam. Specially used with multi-functional bleaching agent CS, and has the effect of refining and desizing, removing oil and whitening, and improving the gross efficiency.

    High-efficiency soap washer DABONDEX CL–780: High-efficient soap cleaner for dyed and printed fabrics. Compared with ordinary soap cleaner, it has the advantages of strong washing ability, short washing time and effective prevention of white bottom re-pollution.

    Terpolymer silicone oil DABONSOFT NS-297: special organosilicon softener, feels fluffy and smooth, with a certain feeling of smoothness.It does not stick to rollers or float oil.

    Hydrophilic terpolymer silicone oil DABONSOFT NS-404: Special structure, feels fluffy and soft and has instant hydrophilic effect, specially developed for hydrophilic and superior feeling of polyamide fabric.

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