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    Zhejiang Province Changxing Silk Co., Ltd. has been equipped with four hundred and twenty sets of water-jetted machines, seventy sets of German warp-knitted machines and fifteen sets of elasticized machines, annually producing 100 million meters water-jet product series and 25,000 tons of warp-knitted fabric, which is widely used as lining of sport clothes suit, umbrella cloth, box-packing cloth, internal decoration of cars, household decoration, etc. With R&D center and dozens of new products, the marketing network covers most countries and regions in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East.


    Categories: Yarn & Fabric/ Knit Fabrics/ Polyester Fabric/ Fabric/ Knit/ 100% Polyester/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +8613567973399

    Country: China

    Year of Company Establishment: NA

    Production Capacity Per Month: NA

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: NA

    Delivery Lead Time: NA

    Product Detail:

    100% Polyester Fabric.

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