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    DK Group Ltd is one of the leading Garments Manufacturer and exporter in Bangladesh; we have our own vertical and fully compliance composite factories. We have a very good team of Merchandising and Quality where lots of skilled persons are working hard to satisfy the requirement of respective customers. Having own facilities we could offer the markets most competitive prices as well as for having an independent sample house we could offer and provide all kinds of samples to our customers. We emphasize timely delivery with the best quality. Customer’s satisfaction is our day end reward.

    Categories: Leggings/ Work Wear/ Apparel/ Tank Top/ T-Shirts/ Sweater/ Denim Wear/ Polo Shirt/ Fabric/ Fancy Finishing/ Jacquard Fabric/ Knit/ Knit Fabrics/ Terry/ Yarn & Fabric/ Pique/ Garments/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +8801711548158

    Country: Bangladesh

    Year of Company Establishment: 1996

    Production Capacity Per Month: About 1,80,000 Gauge Fabrics & 24,00,000 Pcs Garments

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 80,000 Pcs Knit Garments & 6,000 Gauge Fabrics

    Delivery Lead Time: NA

    Product Detail:

    DK Group produces all kinds of Knitted Tee Shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank top, Sweat Shirt, Leggings, Vests, sweater (3,5,7,9,12 GG) & Jacquard as well as all kinds of Denim pant and dress shirts, work wear etc.

    We produce all knit fabric ourselves such as all kind of single jersey, pique polo, 1x1 rib, heavy jersey, cotton and t/c fleece, feeder stripe, 2x2 rib, 2x1 rib and all kinds of fancy fabric, French terry etc.

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