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    Dodhia Group is one of the largest polyester speciality yarn manufacturer with state of facilities of POY, FDY, dope dyeing, yarn dyeing, space dyeing, air-texturising, texturizing, air, covering, twisting, cabling, high bulking, heat setting, chenille yarn and many other fancy manufacturing machines which caters to shirting, suiting, sport wear, knitting, carpet & rugs, furnishing, automotive, sarees, dress materials etc. We have just introduced Petopoly® - a planet-friendly yarn that reduces dependence on non-renewable natural resources and helps the environment by keeping bottles and plastics out of landfills.

    Categories: Yarn & Fabric/ 100% Polyester/ Dyed/ FDY/ POY/ Polyester Yarn/ Regenerated/ Spandex Yarn/ Yarn/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: India

    Current Time of India: 23:30:09 pm (2424/05/20)

    Year of Company Establishment: 1987

    Production Capacity Per Month: 5000 MTS

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 3 MTS

    Delivery Lead Time: 40 to 60 Days

    Product Detail:

    Yarn Dyeing & Space Dyeing

    Polyester Filaments: 50 to 3000 Denier Twist - 80 to 600 TPM

    Spun Polyester: Count Range (Ne) - 10s to 80s

    Cotton Yarn: Count Range (Ne) - 10s to 100s

    Cellulosic Yarn: Many more varieties of Cellulosic Yarn and blends

    Fancy Texturized Yarns

    Polyester/Cationic/Nylon/Vicose Blends/Raw White/Dope Dyed/Yarn Dyed/ Space-dyed/Linen look, Slub Look, thick & Thin, Sparkling Bright, Bi Shrinkable

    Air Texturized YARNS

    50 to 3000 Deniers - Fancy effect like Slub, Neps, Thick & Thin, Silk look yarns, Cotton - feel yarns Polyester/cationic/Nylon/Visc, Raw White/Dope Dyed/Yarn Dyed/ Space-dyed.

    Carpet/Rugs YARNS

    300 to 8000 Deniers

    DTex - 380 Dtex to 8800 Dtex

    DPF (Denier per Filament)- 0.6 DPF to 4 DPF

    Luster- Semi-dull, Full-Dull, Cationic, Bright

    Twist - 80 TPM to 800 TPM

    Multifold - 2 PLY to 20PLY

    Heatset - Highbulk/Autoclave


    New Product Lines

    Continuous Space – Dyeing

    Hank Dyeing
    Hank Spray Dyeing
    Fire-Resistant (FR) Yarn

    Chenille yarns

    Recycled POY/FDY

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