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  • Fujian Changle Lifeng Textile Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1994, Lifeng Textile is headquartered in Changle, Fujian Province, with subsidiaries in Hubei and Jiangxi Provinces. The corporation is conveniently located near Fuzhou Airport and a deep water dock. Under the leadership of Corporation Chairman Mr. Zhou Chunyan and General Manager Mr. Panyong, the company has experienced rapid growth.

    With over 2,000 employees, including more than 400 engineering specialists, Lifeng Textile produces a diverse array of textiles, including 3 Production Lines for Recycled Polyester Close-Virgin Fiber &  Dope-Dyed Spinning, Capacity around 80,000kg/year. 600,000 Spindles for Ring Spun Yarn (100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, T/C, T/R, CVC & 100%  Viscose, Spun yarn  ). 1,000 Looms for the Base fabric of  Leather. 12 Lines of Dyeing & Printing.

    Our 100% Recycled Polyester Close Virgin Ring Spun Yarn (made from PET flakes) is most famous in Domestic market and World market based on It's High Tenacity and Excellent Quality!

           Subsidiaries include :

          Changle Lifeng Textile Co., Ltd.

          Changle Litelong Dyeing Co., Ltd.

          Jiangxi Jiuzhou Textile Co., Ltd.

          Hubei Daye Textile Co., Ltd.

    The company has received many awards and accolades such as the Oeko-Tex Certificate and the Lifeng Brand is widely celebrated nationally. Now, the brand is spreading to Europe and the Americas.

    Lower carbon emissions, environmental protection, and sustainability are the hallmarks of the company’s products. Lifeng’s commitment to high-quality products and its dedication to satisfying the demands of a constantly changing global market have made it one of the foremost corporations in southern China.

    Categories: Yarn & Fabric/ 100% Polyester/ Blended Yarn/ Embroidery/ Embroidery Yarn/ Knit/ Knit Yarn/ Polyester Blended Knitting/ Polyester Viscose Yarn/ Polyester Yarn/ Regenerated/ Woven/ Yarn Dyed Fabric/ Yarn/ Dyestuff & Chemical/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

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    Country: China

    Current Time of China: 17:07:19 pm (2424/04/19)

    Year of Company Establishment: 1984

    Production Capacity Per Month: 500,000 spindles

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 23 Tons

    Delivery Lead Time: 7 Days

    Product Detail:

    Pure polyester color yarn: (white yarn)

    The T8S-T60S polyester yarn produced by our company is widely used in embroidery thread, knitted underwear and apparel fabrics. A series of quality indicators such as high yarn breaking strength, good dryness, hairiness, thick section and detail are among the first-class domestic standards and are well received by customers.

    Pure polyester yarn:

    The pure polyester special black yarn and the multi-numbered hemp gray yarn produced by our company have excellent natural color, no color difference, dryness and strongness. The color yarn has natural color and harmony and is not easy to fade. It does not need printing and dyeing after the yarn is formed, and it is directly knitted or woven. According to customer feedback: the woven fabric surface is full and beautiful, and the whole piece of cloth has a three-dimensional effect, and the customer is deeply satisfied.


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