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How Can You Modernise the Quality Control of Your Clothing Business?

How Can You Modernise the Quality Control of Your Clothing Business?

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The quality control in the production is a set of procedures aimed at maintaining the standard, the policies, and performance of the entire production process, from management and administration to delivery of products. Therefore, it goes beyond just checking the pieces.

Modernizing quality control in the textile industry is an essential attitude for those who intend to remain competitive in the market and achieve positive results since manual procedures and outdating are limited and do not meet the demand or the complexity of current processes. So, we need to develop some core aspects of quality control.

Run A Proper Diagnosis

Before you go modernizing everything and investing, stop, and reflect on your business. Analyze each sector and production stages of your clothing. List which procedures are outdated. Take the opportunity to compare your performance with the current market scenario.

Understand the problems that your industry needs to solve. From there, develop a strategy to solve them with technologies (automation and process optimization). Set goals and carry out the necessary actions to modernize quality control in clothing, resources, equipment, and everything you foresaw as important.

Deploy Management Software

Technology evolves non-stop. One of the benefits is the possibility of customizing management software to meet the needs of a company in a personalized way. So, bet on systems developed specifically for your production model and gain even more inefficiency.

In addition to reducing manual labor, management systems are able to obtain strategic information and data like no other type of tool.

An excellent example of this type of system is the ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning. This technology brings together all the relevant data for the company in a single standardized environment.

Having the right information for decision-making is essential. Conducting the survey of these data at each stage of the production process is the right way to modernize quality control in the manufacture or any other stage of the production process

Having the right information for decision-making is essential. Performing a survey of these data at each stage of the production process is the right way to modernize quality control in the manufacturing process or any other stage of the production process.

The ERP provides a complete view of performances, problems, and opportunities: both to prevent damage and to and optimize results, through quality control. Their reports are more transparent when showing performance results since they do not neglect any productive aspect.

Among other benefits, an ERP system allows you to identify which product is having the best return, according to several criteria, as it is structured for your industry. It can, therefore, compare the product that offers the most positive return according to the habits of the public, stock turnover, last negotiation with the supplier, and even with the working method of the professional responsible for the service. ERP is certainly a solution to modernize quality control in clothing in numerous sectors.

Recreate Processes

Starting from the idea that nothing is so good that it cannot be improved, take the opportunity to recreate processes. The goal is to develop the habit of periodically reviewing your industry's processes so that improvements are constantly identified.

This type of procedure is common in companies considered innovative. They seek to score methods that no longer meet market demands to improve them.

Devote Energy to The Training of Your Team

Even investing in technologies, your company's main resource will continue to be human capital. Therefore, training your team and promoting a healthy and safe environment is essential.

Investments in technologies, such as management programs and modern equipment, will do no good if your team does not know how to operate them to get the best out of it.

So, no matter how much you invest in the best equipment and machines on the market, these devices need trained and qualified people to handle them and monitor their operation.

Therefore, prepare your entire team for changes in the production and work model, educate employees about the good practices of quality control in clothing and make sure that the production line has a good layout, as this interferes with productivity.

Discover talent among your employees. Proactive employees will act to take advantage of everything that modernizing quality control allows in terms of results.

Invest in Efficient and Modern Machinery

The production and quality control processes in manufacturing were very different from today's needs and realities. The market is more demanding, so companies are more competitive.

Thus, manual activities and machines that were used in the past are no longer efficient in the current steps and procedures. New activities and production phases were developed so that products are increasingly modern and of high quality.

So, the first investment and change in the industry should be aimed at renewing the machines and equipment used. Search for innovations, complete devices, update, and that allows the automation and efficiency of processes.

The clothing sector is very dynamic and needs to have a productive capacity to meet the large volume of trends and changes. Fashion, as it is volatile, requires efficient, fast, and agile industries in its processes.

Therefore, investing in good and new machinery is the first step towards achieving these objectives, as new equipment and work tools enhance the entire production cycle and guarantee productivity and quality.

Since quality controlling is a very important task, you need to be careful about the improvement of your factories’ production quality. Training up your employees and having modern equipment and machinery are some of the best ways to improve the quality of your clothing.  

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