More Than 50% Consumers Plan to Use Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

More Than 50% Consumers Plan to Use Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

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Eco-friendly clothing brands are rising and the global fashion industry is taking significant transition toward sustainable fashion. According to a recent report by Global Fashion Agenda “More than 50% of the consumers are planning to switch brands in the future depending on eco-friendly activity”.

As we know that Fashion industry is one of the major environmental polluter and it must take rapid initiative to save the nature. Pulse of the Fashion Industry report 2019 showed concern regarding the sustainability goal and the report said the fashion industry is still far away from eco-friendly manufacturing policies. Clothing manufacturing companies are not implementing sustainable solution fast enough to counterbalance the environmental damage and negative social impacts.

Consciousness About Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

The survey showed, consumers are becoming conscious about what they are wearing. The eco-friendly activity in the fashion industry is increasing. Even the largest manufacturing country China is rapidly shifting their fashion industry to sustainable solution. The report also showed that 75% of shoppers indicating eco-friendly clothing brands with extreme importance.

Sustainable Development Goal and Fashion Industry 

In order to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1 or the Paris Agreement 2, fashion industry have to play a significant role as fast as possible. But unfortunately fashion industry is implementing eco-friendly raw materials and technology. Pulse report further said, if the current trajectory stays unchanged, the gap between pulse score and industry output will increase.

Despite the slower growth of eco-friendly clothing brands, consumers are being interested in sustainable fashion which is expected to trigger fashion companies to adapt sustainable fashion projects soon. The report has also found out few more consumer sentiments regarding eco-friendly clothing including social media trends.

Mentions in Social media regarding eco-friendly clothing brands have been increased three times between 2015 to 2018. While more than one third of consumers have already switched their preferred brands for sustainable fashion. And last but not the least 50% consumer will be using eco-friendly clothing brands in near future.   

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